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ILS Discrete Power System

ILS discrete power system is new generation high power, efficient, highly reliable high capacity communication power supply system launched by Zhonhen Company based on its years of experience in development and online operation. The system consists of three cabinets, namely, AC distribution cabinet, rectifier cabinet and DC power distribution cabinet, system capacity may be increased by adding cabinets. 

Application field

Convergence layer computer room, wireless network core computer room, fixed network core computer room, large-scale convergence site, enterprise communication network core computer room, data center and industry customer communication room, could provide stable and reliable power supply guarantee.

  • wide voltage input range (323Vac-475Vac)

  • dual DSP digital circuit control technology, flexible control method, high accuracy

  •  internal CAN communication mode offers quick real time response 

  • pure software current sharing, has high current sharing capacity and interference immunity 

  • RS-232 communication interface could realize intelligent three-remote function

  • large screen LCD display, convenient parameter setting, simple operation.

  • with AC side, DC side, signal terminal all-around lightning protection.


convenient parallel operation mode. Parallel operation part is universal, any combination may be made on site.

one-step online replacement of rectifier module.

comprehensive monitoring:  AC distribution cabinet, DC power distribution cabinet, rectifier cabinet have their own monitoring units, may work independently.

remote management:  real time remote monitoring via network port, Modem, RS232, RS485.

truly full frontal operation, up/down outgoing lines freely.

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